FLINC soon available

In December there was a big milestone for our current project “FLINC”. Two employees traveled to the FLINC store in Zurich to unpack and check the series samples. After various sample builds in our workshop and many rounds of coordination within the team and with Sebastian Marbacher and Markus Freitag, the two designers of the FLINC Cycle, it was a great feeling to finally pull the finished bikes out of the box.

FLINC's demands are high: series assembly with the requirement that the bikes also be sold in “boutiques” or not just in classic bike shops. This means opening the box, taking the bike out and now even a layperson should be able to get the bike ready to ride in just a few simple steps.

And we actually succeeded! Sure, there were a few little things that needed to be improved. Overall, a great success for us and of course also for the FLINC team. They were also excited and very happy.

The last little things were quickly eliminated and series production rolled off the assembly line in the Czech Republic under the supervision of our QC employee.
We are looking forward to seeing the FLINC rolling across the streets from April 4th, 2024!

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