How the SUV got into Vesuv

This is how success stories à la Velobyrd begin: someone – in this case the development team –makes a firm commitment to develop an all-purpose bike. Universally usable and really comfortable. To achieve this, state-of-the-art components such as a powerful electric motor and precise drive belt technology for power transmission are merged into a clear, strong form. And the frame is designed in such a way that: A) it can accommodate a generously dimensioned battery for long ranges and, B) the new saddle mount with a large adjustment range allows for movement in different directions and, C) offers a comfortable and wide step-through, perfectly complemented by a stable, integrated luggage rack.

The type of rear wheel mount results in a centrally mounted and fairly elegant lifting option. At the same time, the continuous strut provides more frame reinforcement.

The large-volume tires roll nice and softly – and also bring weight advantages. There is a second frame design for even more suspension comfort. The spring elements are integrated very compactly at the front as a suspension fork and at the rear in the lower area of the seat stay.

This is how (VE)SUVs are built today: in close cooperation, lively exchange and with open communication. So that the accumulated experiences and insights of all those involved are incorporated in such a way that in the end something new is created in terms of technology and design: in a very clear, independent and appealing design language. Which already gives an idea of how strong the marketability of Vesuv is likely to be. In any case, everyone in our project team, at WM trading, con-rad-design and Scala Design is very excited about the feedback.

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